Minutes of the November 3

Hall A CC Meeting

  Presents : K. de Jagger, J. Templon,  P. Bertin, C. Cavata, F. Garibaldi,
  The main purpose of that meeting was to discuss the final version of the Hall A Charter (See Jeff's previous Email(s)). A Hall A update was presented by K. de Jagger and  deadlines for new Hall A collaboration experiments to be reviewed by the CC were discussed.

Hall A Update

GEP experiment was completed on schedule.

The results (at high Q2, GEP is only half of was predicted by the dipole form factor)  have triggered a lot of interest.
(at high Q2, GEP is only half of the dipole form-factor value).

Polarized 3He target installed in time.

First month of beam time experienced slow data taking (lost 2 targets,  1 without beam and 1 with beam but without raster,  and  1 reference cell). Now running more smoothly.

Hall C target accident.

This accident (during GEN experiment) has revealed poor safety regulation. This will certainly influence safety rules in Hall A (more stringent safety tests)

Next Accelerator schedule has been posted on the web.

The N-->\Delta experiment has been moved to 2000.


 First (resp. second) Hall A publication (Happex (resp. 91-026) ) has submitted to PRL 2 (resp. 1) weeks ago.
 The two 16O experiments will be submitted at the end of this Year.

Meetings on "Physics for the Jlab energy upgrade at high luminosity"

Every 2 or 3 weeks, friday morning, for Hall A and C

New Hall A staff

Joe Mitchell has become a new Hall A staff member.

Review process for Hall A proposals.

The deadlines for proposals review by the CC are