Minutes of the
Hall A Business Meeting
Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Those minutes are based on JAT transparencies.

The following items were presented to the collaboration


After some collaboration members chasing, we did have a quorum ...

Record Keeping Reminders

1. let us know about upcoming presentations
2. send us copies of final contributions, etc. (Kees black list)
3. let us know when students graduate and where they are going
4. send us copies of Ph.D. theses

Experiment Collaborators

E89-044 spokespersons submitted names of non collaboration collaborators (!) for the experiment

Krishna Kumar submitted names of non collaboration collaborators on parity experiment

New Experiment: E99-008 was approved at the last PAC as a tag-along on existing collaboration experiments. This Experiment was approved by acclamation vote to be added to the  list of Hall A Experiments.

Former Members

The following people have left the collaboration (changed into another field in or out of physics); object now or hold your peace.

Charles Hyde-Wright pointed out that it takes a 2/3
vote of the collaboration to remove a member.  So for the former
Ph.D. students who are no longer affiliated, we can remove them since
their student membership has expired, but for the others, J. Templon will write
them a letter and ask them to consider resigning from the

We likely have many former students who will need reconfirmation (see Hall A Charter on student membership). Please let us know about your students who have graduated. We do not expect reconfirmation to be problematic, but it is not automatic.

New Members

graduate students

These students are now members under the Ph.D. student clause of the Hall A charter Proposed

New Members

were accepted by a vote of the collaboration as new members.

Next Meetings, Miscellany

CC Meeting July 29 at CEBAF

Collaboration Meeting
First or second week of December. Final date to be chosen when we know more about the PAC deadline. Comments welcome.

The Gilman Amendments
At the last Business meeting, a  set of charter amendments proposed by Ron Gilman were presented by Chair Jeff Templon.  After discussion it became clear that the intent
of the amendments had not been clearly communicated, and it was proposed to defer discussion.  Gilman has indicated that since there has been no trouble with the charter passages his amendments were intending to address, he suggests to defer discussion until that time
when/if the passages require clarification.

Bylaws (my favorite)

Collaboration ``rules'' which were not covered in the Hall A Charter. These are the proposed new bylaws, which were formulated by searching through old collaboration documents and making adjustments for new Charter

1. EXPINT publications

Any collaboration member who participates in an EXPINT experiment will get his or her name on the author list for the publication of that experiment. Participation is defined to mean either taking at least one shift on the experiment or meaningful participation in the analysis, interpretation or publication of the data.

2. Publication Review Policy

Collaboration Members arranging for talks, presentations, excluding seminars, or papers on Hall A Collaboration experiments must submit a final draft of the abstract or paper to the CC for comment in advance of submission. Collaboration Members should allow the CC a minimum of three full working days to comment before submitting the abstract or paper. Collaboration Members are also reminded that they have a responsibility to distribute any such communication to all their coauthors. For talks crediting the ``Hall A Collaboration'' as a whole, notification of the entire collaboration is also required upon submission. A copy of the final version of any contribution or paper falling under this bylaw must be sent to the Hall A Program Manager for archival.

Note : before submitting a paper to the CC, the author should have
given all coauthors of the paper a chance to read it and send
suggestions or comments if they wish ...

These 2 bylaws were accepted by a vote of the collaboration

Hall-A Emailing list : halla-coll@jlab.org

Jeff Templon

This was the last CC meeting chaired by Jeff. After the next CC voting, a new chair for the
CC will be elected. Jeff was warmly thanked by Kees and the collaboration for the excellent work he did in strengthening our collaboration. Let me  add it was a real pleasure to work with Jeff on the CC.