Minutes of the CC Meeting of July 29th, 1999.

Present:  Kees De Jager, Jeff Templon,  Christian Cavata, Pierre Bertin
By Phone:  Ed Brash, Franco Garibaldi
Regrets: Ron Ransome

The meeting began by welcoming the new members (Brash, Ransome) to the
CC and thanking the outgoing members (Templon, Bertin) for a job well

1.  Election of Officers

De Jager nominated Ransome for the position of Chair and Brash for the
position of Secretary.  Both nominations were unanimously accepted.

2.  Meetings

It was decided that the next full Collaboration meeting would be held
December 9-11, 1999.   The next CC meeting will be held October 15,
1999.   De Jager informed that the next PAC meeting will be the week of
January 24, 2000, and the deadline for submissions will be mid-December,
as usual.

3.  DNP Abstracts

The following abstracts have been submitted for the Fall 1999
DNP conference in Asilomar.

Deur (EP Measurement)
Coman (Diffusion Aerogel)
Todor (VCS)
Lhuilleir (Compton Polarimeter)
Jutier (TBA)
Gao (Polarized 3He Inclusive)
Meziani (GDH)

4.  Report from the Hall A Manager

De Jager gave an update of the current status of Hall A.  Points of note
for the collaboration were:

a)  Heather Ashley is maintaining a database of any and all publications
and conference contributions from the collaboration.  Kees reminded that
all papers and submissions should be submitted in a timely fashion to

b)  Kees welcomes any suggestions from collaboration members for
improvements to the Hall A website.

c)  On September 20/21, there will be a workshop at JLab on a proposed
Tritium Program.

d)  The tentative schedule starting with the Summer 2000 shutdown is:

(i)  Install septum magnets during the shutdown.
(ii)  Hypernuclear Program
(iii)  Install polarized 3He target.
(iv)  Run low Q^2 GDH with septum.
(v)  Remove septum, and then run another unspecified polarized 3He
(vi)  Remove polarized 3He target, and run RCS and Gep extension.

Kees encouraged anyone with strong objections to this proposed program
should bring them forward as soon as possible.

e) JLab has recently formed a "Cryo Committee" to discuss the subject of
long term ESR support solutions.  The committee is chaired by John
Domingo.  Currently, the Halls are hitting the limit of the current ESR
capability.  One current suggestion involves higher He flow from the
CHL.  The CC eagerly awaits the report of the committee.

5.  PAC Results

De Jager gave a report on the most recent PAC results.  It was a "tough
one" for all proposals (3 of 7 in Hall A, 3 of 9 in Hall B, 1 of 1 in
Hall C).  This was attributed to the very strict restrictions that the
PAC had to follow regarding amount of approved time.  All proposals in
Hall A were judged to be of very high quality.  Following the PAC
deliberations, there was a PAC workshop.  Kees noted that an apparent
emphasis of the workshop was on the structure of finite nuclei, and
there was a suprisingly long list of "hot experiments" in "classical
nuclear physics".  It was noted by the CC that this should be of
particular interest to the Hall A Many-Body Working Group.

6.  News from the UGBOD meeting.

The high energy upgrade CDR will be due in roughly two years.  Work on
the Hall A portion should begin very soon if we are to have something
significant to say.

7.  Status Report of Activities in Hall A.

A long discussion took place regarding the production of a document
annually chronically the progress in the Hall.  Such a report would
include reports from individual experiments as well as notes on
instrumentation progress.  The model to be followed will follow closely
that used at other labs, where experiments which have taken data will be
expected to either provide a submission for the report each year until
final publication of results.  The first request for submissions will be
sent to the collaboration imminently.