Hall A CC Meeting - December 6th, 1999
Present: Kees de Jager, Ed Brash, Franco Garibaldi, Ron Ransome

Very Brief Status Report - Kees de Jager

- Since the collaboration meeting is starting tomorrow, a detailed status 
  report was not given.  

- In the wake of recent target failure, the opportunity was taken to replace
  all three loop fans.

- Domingo End-Station-Refrigerator Committee reports that there are no 
  limitations for running high power He in one hall at a time.  This results 
  from addition of a 2K cold box in CHL.

New Experiments for Next PAC

- DVCS is NOT asking for collaboration approval at this time.

- Photodisintegration Experiment - the CC recommends approval based on the
  reviews received - a vote will be held at the collaboration meeting.

Jeopardy PAC

- a total of 8 proposals will be up for consideration from Hall A, with a total
  of about 200 days of approved time.  About 100 days of this will be available
  should all of these be considered at the summer 2000 PAC, in addition to the
  normal 30 days.  However, there is certainly a possibility that the Hall A
  jeopardy proposals will be spread over two PACS.  In addition, all 
  conditionally approved proposals more than three years old must be 

Next Collaboration Meeting

- May 18-20, and possible one additional day, was suggested.  All jeopardy 
  proposals will be re-reviewed, if they desire to be collaboration experiments,
  which will mean that the review process will have to start well before
  the collaboration meeting.

Other Business

- Regrettably, Perrino and Leone have asked to be removed from the Hall A
  collaboration membership, due to their moving into other physics projects.