• Three loops for liquid H2, D2 and gasous 3He or 4He.
    The liquid target can handle beam heating up to 700 Watts, rastered beam up to 120 microAmps.
    The gas target can handle beam heating up to 400 Watts, rastered beam up to 100 microAmps.

  • LH2, LD2: each has 2 cells (15 cm, 4 cm)
    operation conditions: 19 K, 25 psi (for LH2) (density of 0.0723 g/cm3); and 22 K, 22 psi (for LD 2) (density of 0.167 g/cm3).

  • LH2/LD2 cell: horizontal Al cylinder. Upstream window is 4 mil thick, downstream window about 4 mil, wall 7 mil. Cell diameter 2.5 inches.

  • 3He, 4He: one cell, 10 cm, 6 K, 15 atm.

  • Helium cell: vertical Al cylinder. Wall 13 mil.

  • Optics target: a stack of nine 12C foils. Each is 10 mil thick, with a density of about 2.2 g/cm3.

  • Dummy Targets: 10 cm, 15 cm.

  • Solid Targets attached at bottom: Lead (with cooling), 12C, Lead without cooling, BeO, Empty.
    Can be changed to accommodate experimental needs.

  • It was built by Jefferson Lab with the help from user groups, especially:
    (CalStateLA, Kent, Maryland, ODU, W&M)

  • A little more detailed description is availabe in the cryotarget part of the Hall A instrumentation NIM paper, which is under preparation now. The draft version is available.

  • There is an annual status report on Activities in Hall A. The part on the cryotarget update for the last three years are here:

    2002 ; 2001 ; 2000 .

  • Some cryotarget and dummy target information is available in a technical note .

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