• [Alarm-handler]

    At the beginning of the shift the target operator must verify that there is a working alarm handler available from every workspace of the window manager.

  • [Alarm-servicing]

    All alarms must be serviced from the lowest level in the tree. This will insure that the operator can identify the parameter which is outside normal operations bounds. All nuisance alarms should be reported to an ``expert'' (see call for help list). The expert will determine if the limits should be changed or if a hardware fix is needed. Do Not Change Alarm Set Points without consulting an expert.

  • [Checklist]

    Make an Halog once a shift of the present status of the target (the main target page, the charts of the running target loop and cryogenics).

  • [Configuration]

    At the beginning of the shift the target operator should make sure that he/she understands the configuration of the system. This includes the mapping of loops to cryogens and the goal temperatures for each cryogen's control loop. In addition the status of all the motion mechanisms should be checked (which target is in the beam).

  • [Ioc-reboots]

    All ioc reboots must be entered in the electronic logbook, preferably with the keyword--target ioc reboot.

  • [Power-requirements]

    At the beginning of the shift the target operator should determine the power load on the target (the beam off power of the high power heater in each loop). He/she should also verify with the shift leader that the present settings will be compatible with the shift's program (HP heater power = maximum beam power + 50 watts).

  • [Target-motion]

    It is necessary to contact MCC prior to making any target motion so the FSD can be masked. Contact MCC also after moving the target so that the FSD can be un-masked.

  • [Warm Return Valve]

    When the cryotarget warms up, coolant return temperature could exceed the limit the ESR Cold Return could take. In this situation, cryo-group may need to close their Cold Return Valve and ask us to open the Warm Return Valve.

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