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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:23:11 on October31,2000

    Entry number 51340

    keyword=DAQ use ``rspect'', one scaler dropped

    DAQ: Use ``rspect'' configuration for now, until the left spectrometer
    is back together. ``rspect'' reads the right spectrometer and roc14.
    Scalers: Scaler ``ceb4'' is unplugged, its data was moved to channels 17-32
    of the SIS3800 scaler which comes as the 8th scaler bank; those channels
    are on page 9. There isn't enough power in the VME crate to support
    the now 10 scalers; if we manage to fix this I'll restore. The e99007
    calorimeter takes place of Cerenkov in scaler ``ceb3'', see page 4.