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    User name Eugene

    Log entry time 11:50:34 on February10,2002

    Entry number 82493

    keyword=RCS HV wrong setting for Jan,9 - Jan,10

    Today at 8:00 I discovered that a wrong HV settings have been used.
    Searching the log files we found that a setting:
    hv_setting_03 from Jan,25 was loaded on Feb,9 at 14:32, perhaps accidentally
    These settings stayed till Feb,10 8:00

    The newer (correct) settings have been loaded on Jan,10 at about 11:00.
    The latest settings are stored in:
    hv_setting_13 - text file (available with "File" command)
    #30 - entry in the DataBase (available with "DataBase" command)

    The HV software has been changed. It now gives more warnings
    before actually changing the HV. Also, the hv_setting_ON/OFF
    files are stored in a directory with only one (the latest) setting,
    that it is more difficult to load an antique setting.