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    User name C. C. Chang

    Log entry time 16:29:39 on October20,2000

    Entry number 50652

    keyword=Day Shift Run Summary

    ***** Run Summary *****
    Run # Start Stop # of Events Comments

    1943 07:05 09:02 1.2M Good run
    1944 09:04 09:19 0.154M Ended due to injector
    1945 Doing harp scan

    ***** Additional Comments ******

    08:45 MCC called; havingf RF problem; beam will be off for
    a dfew minutes.
    09:15 MCC called saying that injector people are in. In about
    5 minutes, they will take beam away for about two hours.
    09:20 Beam off.
    11:55 MCC called to let us know that tuned beam is coming.
    12:00 Lost all magnets due to ESR problems. Called Rusty who is
    the tech on call.
    12:05 MCC called to let us know that they are ready to give us
    CW beam. We removed 4He target before MCC send us
    12:25 Mark and Rusty made a controll access to the hall to reset
    power supplies.
    14:37 Hall A in beam permit.
    15:00 MCC called to let us know that they need to replace a fan
    on a power supply. Will take about 30 minutes.