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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:26:24 on March11,2009

    Entry number 265609


    keyword=HAPPEX DAQ deadtime checks

    To test how high a rate we can run the HAPPEX DAQ (relevant to
    the future) I studied ROC23 (counting room crate) which should
    be our slowest crate and the "bottleneck".

    ROC23 reads 8 old-style ADCs, 1 scaler, 1 FLEXIO, and the TIR.
    This is the most of any crate.

    The deadtime on a scope was 113 to 121 usec (fluctuating). The
    scope showed some odd flat-lining. I may post a follow-up in
    the HAPLOG explaining this, but it naively implied a deadtime.
    So, I took this TIR output signal and fed it into the scaler
    together with the input to the Trig. Super. -- the ratio gives
    the deadtime quantitatively.

    Next, I increased the rate by changing the oversampling. It's
    a cheap way to do it but you'd rather increase the MPS.
    I stepped : 30 Hz, 300 Hz, 600 Hz, 750 Hz (the highest I could
    go was 750 Hz with this method) and from the scaler ratio the
    deadtime was always zero. Also, the observed DAQ rates on the
    scope were consistent except at 750 where it seemed to be 1.2 kHz,
    but in CODA the graph showed consistent rates, so 750 Hz was
    750 Hz. Scope may be flakey (?). Need to repeat this summer.

    So far, it looks like we can run at least 750 Hz.