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Dear Hall A collaboration and lab staff:

Next week, the accelerator is expected to start reestablishing beam to
the Hall A dump and checking out beamline systems.  This will be
followed bu recomissioning of Hall A systems.

During this commissioning period, users and staff wishing to take shifts
or have unescorted access to Hall A must read and sign, the Conduct of
Operations (COO), Emergency Response Guidlines (ERG), Experiment Safety
Assessment Document (ESAD), and Radiation Assessment Document (RSAD).
These documents can be found in a binder in the Hall A counting house
and in the Machine Control Center (MCC).  After reading these documents,
sign the signature page (located at the back of the binder) in one of
these two copies.

In addition to these 4 documents, the binder contains Operational Safety
Procedures for the Moller Polarimeter, Beam Raster, and Compton
Polarimeter.  These documents need only be read and signed by those who
are directed to do so by the respective system owners (Moller:
Oleksander Glamazdin or Javier Gomez, Raster: Bob Michaels, Compton:
Dave Gaskell).

The COO, ERG, ESAD and RSAD can also be read online, a signature in one
of the printed copies is still required after reading.  The online
copies may be found at:

This folder also contains, for reference, a copy of the updated Hall A
Standard Equipment Manual.

Stephen Wood, Acting Hall A and C leader


Safety Paperwork for the Spring 2014 Hall A Run Period

Conduct of Operations - COO.pdf
Experiment Safety Assessment Document - ESAD.pdf
Radiation Safety Assessment Document - RSAD.pdf 
Emergency Responce Document - ERG.pdf

as well as three OSP's