PREX-II Budget

update Mar 31, 2015

    PREX-II Budget.  All items are a "MUST".
    (see also the CREX budget )
   Diamond Foils           30    purchased !

   Lead 208               100    purchased !

   Target Ladder           20    

   Septum Repair           15    purchased !
   (we replaced the damaged coil)

   W/Cu collim             50   

   Vacuum System          100   
   (box and connection to HRS)

   Shielding              100   

   Pb collim on Q1         20   

   Moller Upgrade         
     SC magnet            180    purchased !
     target things         30


   TOTAL SPENT so far     325

   TO BE SPENT            320

  Comment: In some previous discussion we didn't include the Moller
  upgrade, but the admin seems to view the above parts as a PREX cost.
  On the other hand, some beamline modifications for Moller are not 
  considered a PREX cost.