Beam Pipe Region and O-Ring for   PREX

Bob's sketch of the beam pipe region (beampipe.xfig.gif)

View of collimator box and septum region. The beam pipe is not visible from this view. (IMG_0567.JPG)

Side view showing two HRS vacuum connections and beam pipe in middle. The beam pipe is the one with the bellows. (IMG_0561.JPG)

Another side view (IMG_0565.JPG)

View of top half of beam pipe (with bellows) connecting to collimator box. Yes, I know, it needs better lighting. (IMG_0560.JPG)

Bottom view of same (IMG_0562.JPG)

Another bottom view (IMG_0563.JPG)

Bottom view showing where one thermocouple goes -- on Aluminum collimator box underside. A second thermcouple goes to the beam pipe near the flange. (IMG_0569.JPG)