Hightlights of   PREX   Pictures

3D view of septum region (SEPT_ISO.gif)

Top view of septum region (SEPT_top.gif)

Lead collimator and A_T hole (prexJan10_026.jpg)

Lead collimator and A_T hole (prexJan10_028.jpg)

Zoom on A_T hole region (prexJan10_029.jpg)

Lead collimator installed in Q1 before Septum installed (prexJan10_039.jpg)

Sieve slits, view along beam direction (prexFeb10_015.jpg)

PREX target during assembly (prexFeb10_021.jpg)

Applying silver paste to improve conductivity (prexFeb10_062.jpg)

Silver paste for insertion plug that presses lead/diamond (prexFeb10_063.jpg)

PREX target with bays in various stages of being built (prexFeb10_083.jpg)

Phil Adderley, expert technician who built the PREX target (prexFeb10_094.jpg)

Completed PREX target, beam entrance view (prexFeb10_095.jpg)

Completed PREX target, beam exit view (prexFeb10_096.jpg)

Parts for the wobbler for A_T hole (prexMar10_016.jpg)

Partly assembled target region, target and septum slid aside (prexMar10_023.jpg)