Things to worry about for ERR

In brackets [] is the bullet number from the 2016 Readiness Review Report.

1. Completion and commissioning schedule.  Task list. [1]

2. Characterization and removal of oxide layer from Ca48. [2]

3. Progress on target chamber. [2]

4. Design of support and alignment structure for target. [1]

5. "Keep outs" to reduce mechanical conflicts. [1]

6. Thermal analysis of time-dependent ramp from 4K (where diamond's
conductivity is small) to equilibrium temperature. [3]

7. Detailed LCW estimate to check if available pressure drops in
Hall A produce the required flow rate for all magnets. [4]

8. Shimming the septum gap : how much does this reduce vertical
acceptance ? [4]

9. Check Q1 fringe fields on beam deflection, and check if magnified
beam spot is safe for beam dump. [5]

10. Activation Calculations. [8]

11. Sky-shine shielding. [8]

12. Evaluate cooling of collimator. [8]

Less Important

1. Machine protection from beam loss using ionization chambers. [2]

2. Procedure to remove and store Ca48 target after experiment. [2]

3. Procedure to teardown experiment which reduces radiation exposure.[8]

4. Methods to improve thermal contact with lead or find better alternatives.[3]

5. Is the gate valve downstream big enough ? [8]

6. Do more work on the EHS&Q documentation, particularly for activation
of target, impact on personnel during operation, changeover between
PREX and CREX. [6, 11]