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Executive Board:

  • Function:
           The Executive Board makes decisions on scientific and organizational choices and provide high level oversight on all matter pertaining to preparation and operation of the SoLID project.
           The Chair of EB is the science leader and the principle contact between the collaboration and the lab management/DOE. Will provide oversight and input to the PM for the SoLID project. The chair, together with the PM, is responsible for the performance and assessment of all subsystems.
           The Project Manager (PM) will be in charge of executing the project and report to JLab management. The collaboration will provide advice and oversight, and member of the collaboration will work under PM in various roles to execute the project. For example, all subsystems coordinators will report to PM. PM has the authority and responsibility to manage the SoLID project.
  • Initial Members:
           Paul Souder (Chair, PVDIS), Haiyan Gao (SIDIS), Zein-Eddine Meziani (J/Psi), Thia Kepple (Hall Leader, ex-officio), and Jian-ping Chen (Project Manager, ex-officio)
  • Technical Board:

  • Function:
           Advises the PM on all aspects of the Project, including change in cost, scope or schedule. The TB will have a group of (usually senior) collaborators who represent the full range of required technical expertise and usually a member from each subsystem is expected to be on this board. This group will be appointed by the EB. In addition, TB will include PM and also project engineers when they are appointed.
           TB membership can be periodically adjusted by the EB as the situation warrants. The chair of the TB will be the PM. All EB members who are not already in TB are ex-officio members.

  • Initial Members:
           Jian-ping Chen (Chair), Paul Souder, Haiyan Gao, Zein-Eddine Meziani, Thia Keppel (ex-officio); Alexandre Camsonne,, Eugene Chudakov, Tom Hemmick, Xiaodong Jiang, Nilanga Liyanage, Robert Michaels, Xin Qian, Paul Reimer, Yi Wang, Jianbei Liu, Xiaochao Zheng.
  • Subsystem Responsibilities:

  • Magnet: Robin Wines/ Paul Reimer; JLab, Argonne
  • GEM-US: Nilanga Liyanange / Bernd Surrow; UVa, Temple
  • GEM-China: Jiabei Liu/ Xiaomei Li; USTC, CIAE, Lanzhou, Tshinhua, IMP
  • Calorimeter: Xiaochao Zheng / Wouter Deconick/Chufeng Feng, UVa, W&M, Shandong (China), Argonne, Los Alamos
  • Light Gas Cherenkov: Zein-Eddine Meziani / Michael Paolone, Temple
  • Heavy Gas Cherenkov: Haiyan Gao / Mehdi Meziane, Duke
  • MRPC: Yi Wang/Alexandre Camsonne, Tsinghua, USTC, JLab, Duke
  • DAQ/Electronics: Alexandre Camsonne / Krishna Kumar/ Ron Gilman, JLab, Stone Brook, Rutgers
  • Simulation: Seamus Riordan / Zhiwen Zhao; UMass, ODU, Duke, Syracuse
  • Reconstruction and Analysis Software: Ole Hansen/Tom Hemmick; JLab, Stone Brook
  • Supporting Structure and Baffle: Robin Wines/Seamus Riordan; JLab, Argonne, Stone Brook
  • Hall Infrastructure Modifications: Robin Wines/Ed Folts; JLab
  • Installation: Ed Folts/Robin Wines; JLab, all user groups.