SuperBigBite   Collaboration Meeting

Oct 18-19, 2012   at JLab   (rm L102)

Available off-site by Phone Line and by EVO: "SBS-collaboration", "a1n"

            US 866-740-1260
            International 303-248-0285

            Access code: 1978431

Talks are available here in the links below.

Thursday   Oct 18,   2012    Rm L102

Session I

Project Overview, Experiments

Chair: Nilanga Liyanage

09:30     Cynthia Keppel     Hall A Update     15+5 min
09:50 John LeRose SBS Project Management     20+5 min
10:15 Bogdan Wojtsekhowski    GEp     30 min
11:00 Gordon Cates    GEn     30 min
11:30 Brian Quinn (via EVO)    GMn (PDF)     same (PPT)     30 min

Session II

Equipment Progress, Updates

Chair: Gordon Cates

1:30 Adam Sarty    Coordinate Detector     25+5 min
2:00 Seamus Riordan    BigBite Monte Carlo     25+5 min
2:30 Susan Esp    BigBite Design     and other files     15+5 min
2:50 group photo    here     5 min
3:10 Huan Yao    Gas Cerenkov     25+5 min
3:40 John Annand (via EVO)    NINO and Timing Hodoscope     25+5 min
4:10 Evaristo Cisbani    INFN GEM Front Tracker    INFN GEM Electronics     30+5 min
4:45 Nilanga Liyanage    UVa GEM Polarimeter Tracker     30+5 min

Friday   Oct 19,   2012    Rm L102

Session III

Equipment Progress, Updates

Chair: Abdellah Ahmidouch

09:00 Gregg Franklin    HCal R&D (pdf)    (pptx)     30+5 min
09:35 Charles Pedrisat    ECal R&D     30+5 min
10:10 Gordon Cates    He-3 Target     30+5 min
11:00 Alexandre Camsonne    SBS/A1n DAQ pdf     25+5 min
11:30 Robin Wines    48D48 Magnet     25+5 min

Session IV

Experiments and New Proposals

Chair: Gregg Franklin

01:30 Todd Averett    A1n in Hall A     25+5 min
02:00 Bogdan Wojtsekhowski    New RCS proposal     20+5 min
02:25 Robert Michaels    Meeting Summary     10 min

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