Collaboration Meeting and Internal Review -- February 17-18, 2021

Meeting Presentations in order given

Speaker Presentation Title and Link
Andrew Pucket Welcome and collaboration status
Cynthia Keppel Hall A/CEBAF status/schedule overview, review of scope/charge of readiness evaluation
Jessie Butler SBS GMN installation status/planning/schedule overivew
Juan Carlos Cornejo HCAL
Arun Tadepalli BigBite Calorimeters
Holly Szumila-Vance BigBite GEMs
Bradley Yale GRINCH
Kondo Gnanvo SBS GEMs (for GEN-RP)
Brad Sawatzky GEN-RP detectors (non-GEM)
Rachel Montgomery BigBite timing hodoscope
David Meekins GMN target(s)
Robert Michaels LHRS
David Flay Beamline
Andrew Puckett Software
Alexandre Camsonne DAQ for all subsystems
Benjamin Raydo High-speed GEM DAQ
William Tireman BB shower/preshower calibrations
Ezekiel Wertz BigBite GEM work
Sebastian Seeds G4SBS beamline geometry work and HCAL analysis: cosmics calibrations
Guest Lecture:
      Peter Kroll
Pion photo and electroproduction in the handbag mechanism
Yahsvinder Singh Radiative Corrections
Provakar Datta Photon-neutron separation in HCAL for GEN-II and BigBite analog trigger checkout
Vanessa Brio HCAL LED calibrations
Sean Jeffas GEM event display and tracking code
Robin Wines SBS E&D overview
Gordon Cates GEN-II
Todd Averett GEN-II ERR report summary and status of addressing recommendations
Andrew Puckett SIDIS (including RICH status)
Mark Jones GEP (including ECAL status)
Peter Monaghan Coordinate Detector
Eric Fuchey Simulation digitization/sim decode status
Ethan Cline TPE with positrons
Brian Quinn Documentation status: Safety and Ops Manuals


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