Pion Structure Meeting on Thursday, July 25th

Location: CEBAF Center conference room L207.

Teleconference line:

US: 866-740-1260
International: 303-248-0285
Access code: 1978431
Pass code: 6060

We are working on a Seevough set up as well....details to follow.

9 AM: overview and basic idea(s) -Thia (link or for ppt link)

9:30 AM: SBS overview + LAC for electrons, plus rTPC magnet options - Bogdan (link)

10 AM: physics rates and kinematics - Paul K. (link)

10:30: AMrTPC simulation from BONUS - Jixie (link)

11 AM: expected rates in recoil detector and luminosity limits - John (link)

11:30: AM outstanding issues and to do list - all :)

Xiaodong Jiang

Out by noon!