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Beam Diagnostic Elements
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    These consist of beam position monitors (BPMs), beam current monitors, Superharps, beam viewers and a beam loss monitor.

    Beam Position Monitors

    • Transmission Line BPM (M15) with SE electronics.
    • Resolution <= 20 um at I ~= 10 uA.

    Beam Current Monitors

    • 1 Unser (PCT) Monitor
        Absolute Accuracy
        +/- 300 nA (==> 100 nA)
    • 2 RF Cavity Monitors tuned at 1.497 Ghz
        <= 0.f5% (==> 0.2%)


    • Destructive wire scanner. Good for emittance measurements.
    • Being built and tested by the French Collaboration for absolute accuracy of um for the Energy-Arc method.
    • How to make a harp scan

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