HALL A Beam Polarimeters

Due to wide range of energy and intensity of incident polarized electron beam being used for Hall A experiments, two methods will be used to measure electron beam polarization in Hall A.

Moller Polarimeter

The first method is the Moller scattering of the electron beam off electrons in a thin magnetized iron target. Moller polarimeters are mostly useful for low to mediem energies and low beam intensity.

The Hall A Moller Polarimeter has been built by an international collaboration between University of Kentucky and the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology in Ukraine. It has been commsioned in 1997-1998.

Compton Polarimeter

The second method is the back-scattering of photons off the electron beam (Compton scattering). Compton polarimeters are mostly useful for medium to high energies and high beam intensity.

The Hall A Compton polarimeter is being built by CEA/Saclay. It is expected to be ready in 1998.

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Last updated October 12, 1998
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