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Robert Michaels,, Jefferson Lab Hall A, updated Feb 11, 2011 for CODA 2.6.1

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This assumes that runcontrol is running.   If not, see Cold Start in section III.


          It takes a couple hours for files to appear in MSS, and the files remain on adaq disk for typically 2 or 3 days.



Rarely, the workstations don't function properly and the simplest way out is to reboot. Ole usually keeps some instructions posted near the PC terminal.   One may hit Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go to console mode, then Ctrl-Alt-Del.   If you have trouble starting X, type "startxfce4".


Problems with CODA 2.6.1 can usually be solved with a simple   Reset   (<< in rcgui)   or with a Cold Start.   Call Larry Selvy, Bob Michaels, Vince Sulkosky, or Alexandre Camsonne for DAQ problems. Do NOT waste an hour stuck on resets.

If a ROC seems to be hung up, you can reboot it by going to the workspace with all the small x-terms logged into the frontend computers and typing "reboot" at the vxWorks prompt (-> reboot). Wait 2 minutes and telnet back in to verify its alive. The name of the ROC computer is normally written in the name of the xterm (hallasfi1, hallasfi2, etc). You need to know what subset of these computers are used for your configuration, see the table in section V below. If the ROC seems really frozen, use the "Crate Resets" button in the magnet EPICS screen on hacsbc2 (controls computer). Note, both fastbus crates in each HRS are reset with one button. (I'm not sure about Bigbite resets, sorry.)   To reset from the EPICS GUI, toggle the state of the button. Note, if a ROC cannot be reset via the GUI, they can only be reset by typing "reboot" at the vxWorks prompt. Another possibility is to type "ctrl-X" at the vxWorks prompt; this sometimes works when typing reboot does not work. Finally, if the above does not work one can gain access to the cpu and press the reset button (or power cycle the crate). If you don't know how, or don't know where the cpu is located, page Larry Selvy first.

If you reboot the ROC, or if something on the workstation is hung up, try pushing the "Reset" button in runcontrol (rcgui). Thats the button that looks like "<<". Then Configure, Download, and Start a run as usual.

If a ``quick'' reset doesn't work, try a Cold Start (see below).


To perform a cold start of the processes on the Linux computer (adaql2), simply type "startcoda" on the a-onl account. This performs a "kcoda" for you, as well as starts all the components you need.

Before downloading, it is first a good idea to make sure the fastbus and VME crates (i.e. the ROCs) are running. One finds that when resetting, one can frequently avoid rebooting the frontend crates, and just restart runcontrol, but if you must: Press the reset buttons for the relevant subset of crates as explained in the Reset section above. A convenient way to reset (reboot) the ROCs is to go to the adaql2 workspace with x-terms logged into each frontend computer and enter "reboot" at the vxWorks prompt -> of each ROC. But one can also use the EPICS GUI as explained above. After a few minutes, telnet back in and verify they are up. Some of the crates take longer than others to reboot. Be patient. To start everything on the workstation, type "startcoda" as explained above.

Eventually runcontrol (rcgui) will pop up. In runcontrol press the Platform button and then "connect". After "connect", verify you have the correct session (Bigbite) and configuration (THREEARM). Usually you will, but if not you'll need to select the session and config.

You may now do the "configure" by pressing the button with crossed screwdriver and wrench in the upper left corner. Be patient, configure takes awhile. Then you may download, which is the next button to the right, it looks like a tape drive. In general, the button names can be discovered by putting the mouse on it and letting it sit there for a few seconds; a small box appears with the name of the button.

To start a run, press the >> button.

To end a run press the square box that's sorta in the middle.

To reset, press the << button.

  • If you ever logout of the DAQ computer adaql2 or have rebooted it, here is how to restart the preferred setup. Login to the adaql2 console as "adaq" and then "ssh -l a-onl adaql2". Reason is that if you login directly as a-onl, some GUI windows like start-run don't pop up. Just do what I said. Start CODA by typing "startcoda" as explained above. Emacs the prescale file in the background: "emacs ~/prescale/prescale.dat &"   Also start datamon by typing "datamon".

    V.   Spectrometer DAQ Configuration for Spring 2011
            CODA Configrations  -- on a-onl account on adaql2 computer 
            THREEARM  -- standard coincidence setup, unbuffered DAQ mode
            PEDRUN -- to do a pedestal run (see section II).
    DAQ crates     (accurate as of Feb, 2011)
      ROC       Description      IP Address   Portserver
      ROC1     R-arm Lower Fastbus Crate   hallasfi1     hatsv3 port 2  
      ROC2     R-arm Upper Fastbus Crate   hallasfi2     hatsv3 port 8  
      ROC3     L-arm Lower Fastbus Crate   hallasfi3     hatsv4 port 2  
      ROC4     L-arm Upper Fastbus Crate   hallasfi4     hatsv4 port 8  
      ROC5     Bigbite VME crate   bbvme1     bbps2 port 5  
      ROC8     Bigbite Fastbus Crate (HAND)   bbsfi1     bbps2 port 1  
      ROC9     Bigbite Fastbus crate   bbsfi2     bbps2 port 2  
      ROC10     Bigbite Fastbus crate   bbsfi3     bbps2 port 4  
      TS0     R-arm VME/Scaler   hallavme2     hatsv3 port 3  
      TS11     L-arm VME/Scaler   hallavme4     hatsv4 port 7  
      BBTS1 (ROC29)     Trigger Supervisor on Bigbite   bbts1     bbps2 port 4  


    VI.   More info

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