Loading   and   Checking   the   Hall   A   HRS   Trigger  

Robert Michaels, rom@jlab.org, Jefferson Lab Hall A, Nov 2006

This file:     hallaweb.jlab.org/equipment/daq/trigger_download.html

The Hall A HRS trigger system is remotely configured by CAMAC modules.   The main change during the experiment is in the delays required to adjust the timings of triggers which change with momentum and particle ID relevant to coincidence setup.   Of course for single arm running or fixed-momentum experiments one may just use the defaults, but it may still be a wise investment in 2 minutes time to download in order to make sure of the state of the modules.   If the power is turned off, the CAMAC modules certainly must be reprogrammed.

R. Michaels   --   e-mail: rom@jlab.org