A1n Experiment, E-12-06-122
Measurement of neutron asymmetry A1n in the valence quark region using 8.8 GeV and 6.6 GeV beam energies and Bigbite spectrometer in Hall A

   Experimental Proposal

    Proposal Update

    BigBite Detector

                GRINCH gas Cherenkov detector

               Hodoscope Tracker and NINO Cards

                GEM Chambers

    Polarized Target


    Collaboration Meetings

            May 25th, 2012, talks

     Useful Links

        E99-117, A1n at 6 GeV

    Contacts: Todd Averett, spokesperson, averett@jlab.org

                        Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, spokesperson, bogdanw@jlab.org

                        Gordon Cates, spokesperson, cates@jlab.org

                         Nilanga Liyanage, spokesperson, nl8n@virginia.edu