Dear Bogdan, Rouven, Natalia and Philip, I have read with great interest the run plan you have proposed for a test period aimed at removing the conditionality of the PAC35 recommendation. The plan addresses most relevant issues and I hereby approve it under the following conditions:
  • 1. The results of a detailed simulation of the radiation impact of the test run over the proposed excitation range of the septum magnets are presented and approved.
  • 2. The detailed design of the target set-up is reviewed and approved by Dave Meekins and Ed Folts.
  • 3. Planning for the target configuration to be used must optimize the slack in the scheduled transition from the PREx experiment and the upcoming DVCS experiment. It should also minimize the incremental work for the Target group and the Hall A technical staff, both of which have too much on their plates.
  • 4. A detailed simulation is provided of the magnetic field integral along the beam line down stream of the target with the proposed magnetic shielding
  • 5. Dependent on the progress of the PREX experiment and a possible delay in the start-up of commissioning for the Qweak experiment, the start date of the APEX test run may be delayed by a week or more. The run must end in time for the installation of the DVCS experiment to be completed in time for its scheduled September 6 start. The combination of these two constraints may shorten the time available for the APEX test run.