Run Plan

  1. Beam line check

  2. HRSs checks

  3. Momentum scane for BigBite commission, H(e,e'p) , H(e,p) and C(e,p) Kin A 1,2,3,6 (and Kin G2).

  4. Energy change 1 pass to 2 pass.

  5. Continue momentum scale for BigBite calibration, H(e,e'p), H(e,p) and C(e,p) Kin A 4,5 (and Kin C1,G1).

  1. BigBite angle change. (Rotate BB to an angle so that there will be no obsticle in the line of sight from target to the n-array).

  2. n-array commision, Kin B1

  3. Change set-up to BB and N-Array both at 99 Deg + Energy change 2 pass to 4 pass.

  4. Singles rates study.

  5. D(e,e'pn) X<1, Kin D1

    End of commision

  6. D(e,e'pn) X>1, Kin E1

  7. SRC Run, low Momentum range, Kin F1

  8. SRC Run, High Momentum range, Kin F2

Last update 1/11/2004