The MySQL Run Conditions Database

This page briefly describes the software tools which allow users to create and access relational databases to store run conditions. The two links below provide a more thorough documentation of this package of scripts.

Source Code


The above link is a tarball of the source code for the package of batabase interface scripts. It may be unpacked with the command: 'tar xvjf DB_tools.bz2'.


DB Scipts (Filling DB)
PHP Scipts (Accessing DB)

Links to WebForms

Tables.php allows users to create such tables.

Stripcharts.php allows users to create such stripcharts.

Command Line Interface

One may login to the database for a command-line interface with read-only permissions as user e02013 by running the following command from any JLab machine:
'mysql -u e02013 -h jmysql -p'.
The user will be prompted for a password which may be obtained by contacting After logging into MySQL, one should type 'use e02013;' in order to gain access to the GEn database.

Examples of useful MySQL commands include:

'DESCRIBE table_name;'
'SELECT column_name1, column_name2 FROM table_name WHERE (column_name3 > value1) OR (column_name4 = 'string1');'