How To Run CODA for GeN

This file:

updated  Feb 15, 2006
Bob Michaels


   Assumes runcontrol is already up.  For now, use the configs

         GeN   ==  All the DAQ crates.  Pedestals suppressed, no buffering.
                   (BigHand, TS, 2 BigBite crates, DC).

         GeN_ped == same as GeN but does NOT do pedestal suppression.

         GeN_buf == same as GeN but DOES do buffered mode.
         test* == various test configs, of subsets of crates,
                  may eventually be cleaned up/removed.
   Data appears in /adaql2/data*/e02013__NNN.dat.0  where NNN = run number
   You can find the last run with the command "lastrun"

II. Start CODA from scratch

  Computer:  adaql2     User: a-onl    Password:  onl_ana
  -----------------     ----------    --------------------

  Bob's pager:  x7410

  A) Rebooting crates.  

     Sometimes you may need to Power cycle VME crates.
But usually you can just reboot those, or Fastbus, as follows. One one workspace you will see xterms with names of the crates in the title, e.g. "bbvme1-ROC25", etc. These should be telnetted into the ROCs. If not, then "telnet genps1 2006" for porserver genps1 and output 6. The words "genps1-port6" are in the title of the xterms also. And if an xterm is missing, see "complications" below. From these xterms, you reboot by typing "ctrl-X". Yes, you hold down the Ctrl key, then hit X. You can also type "reboot" but "ctrl-X" is better. Here is a List of DAQ Crates. B) Restarting runcontrol & other workstation stuff. All the code on adaql2 (runcontrol, ET, EB, ER, etc) is started with a simple command: startcoda Note, this also does a "kcoda" for you. C) Connect, config, download (GeN config, usually), and start a run ... III. Other Details ================== -- To monitor the deadtime, type "datamon" on adaql2 (a-onl acct). -- To adjust prescale factors: ~a-onl/prescale/prescale.dat -- Where is the data ? Type "lastrun" or "find_run 1554" on a-onl. -- Data handling to MSS is automatic; never try to interfere, and do not delete or move raw data files, and don't put other files on the /adaql2/data* disks. IV. Complications ==================== 1. If you are missing the xterms, you can either page me or type "start_monitors". On ADAQ you have to telnet into the portserver. The name of the portserver and the port are in the title of the xterm. E.g. "genps1-port7" login is "telnet genps1 2007" 2. minimizing runcontrol: Using agen4 as X-term, runcontrol pops up and fills the window (doesn't happen on adaql2 so it won't be an issue during experiment). To reduce this, first hit the "minimize" button (top right corner, middle button, the one that looks like a window). Then use the mouse to grab the upper left corner and force the window to be normal size.
Here is more info about the Raw Data Stream for GeN including a table of what crates exists.