GEn meeting to be held weekly!

Minutes for the GEn weekly meeting on 6th July 2005 - ARC 428(?)

Attendees: Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, Bodo Reitz, Alan Gavalya, Tim Holmstrom, Ameya Kolarkar, Aidan Kelleher, Doug Applegate, Brandon Craver, Albert Shahinyan

~Bodo : Milestones discussion

Wiring on NA and DAQ for the shower need to be done to "meet" the July 1 milestone.

Haven't heard from Syracuse yet. Neil has a task list for the neutron detector, did some of the plots and analysis as suggested by Bogdan. Should forward the results for thresholds for the PMTs to Ameya today. Olivier to manage the shower detector for GEn (he'll transfer the HRS shower class into the GEn package). Ole to look into the BigBite apparatus. Haven't heard from Xiaodong about the BigBite simulations.

~ Brandon : First wire chamber voltage, threshold set up but not yet turned ON. Turning ON the High Voltage (HV) is the plan for today. To start the second chamber soon.

~ Why is the BigBite at 70 degrees? Why not at 50 degrees? Do we need a run-plan for the upcoming test run?

~ Albert : NA assembly

~ Tim : New target lab status

~ Alan :

~ Nilanga : - Opened chamber 3; several wires noisy -> fixing today.

~ Doug Applegate - New undergrad student from CMU - to work on detector hardware/software

~ John LeRose : Damage control