GEn weekly meeting - July 13, 2005

Attendees: Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, Bodo Reitz, Olivier Gayou, Brandon Craver, Aidan Kelleher, Ameya Kolarkar, Hakob Voskanyan, Albert Shahinyan, Todd Averett, Doug Higinbotham


  1. Glue fixture ordered
  2. Ladder - not ordered - Joyce is completing the design - sent prints for checking. No order by July 15.
  3. Detector frame design on hold. Probably take cables out before drilling.

Discussion about milestones

Neutron Arm
  1. Albert - wiring vetos - milestone postponed to Aug 15.
  2. DAQ components physically installed
  3. veto+UVa bars - 2 weeks after next week
  4. September 1 - All (veto+UVa+CMU) installed and wired
  1. Team of 5 people ready to install our (GEn) detectors in the hall after one hour of beam (for wire chamber tests).
  2. All BB mounted by Aug 1.
  3. Students to volunteer to take 3 hour shifts whenever they find time, for the delay cables. Have to make 200 bundles, 50 done so far.
  4. 800 cables done - Brandon Davis from NC. Another 1000 not yet ready - only need to rebundle them
  5. Students to send Albert email about taking bundle shifts:
    2 min, 4 max - 9am and 3pm shifts.
    This is necessary to meet the detector wiring milestone.
Wire chamber DAQ ready tomorrow
Aug 15 - DAQ ready for N.A. and shower detectors - assessment in 2 weeks.
Sept - Cosmic runs on all detectors, and debugging.
All missed milestones to be squeezed under Sept 1.
Olivier will be done by Aug. 5.
Set up a log for all progress. Olivier to talk to Steve Wood.


  1. xplosion tests in a week or so.
  2. Beamline drawing shown by Alan. He bag size and position discussed
  3. William and Mary (Todd) filled a cell from Mike - hybrid
  4. Saw the first frequency sweep water NMR signal. (W&M)
  5. Soon to fill a cell from Willie (W&M)

Target update

  1. Safety walkthrough this Friday in the new target lab
  2. Oven/heater interlocks in place
  3. NMR coils/mount in the machine shop
  4. Optics line setup