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The analysis logbook was taken down during an upgrade of happex14, use the authoritative GEn-Wiki instead Here is the Analysis Logbook.   If you're off-site you'll need to ssh tunnel. Logon to your jlab account (possibly with the -X flag i.e. ssh -X username@jlab.org) and then run mozilla from within that terminal. Now you should be able to access the analysis logbook. If you face troubles, write to Alexandre Camsonne with specifics.

I. Some Basics
  • The Hall A ROOT Analyzer PODD
  • General Documentation about PODD.
  • Info about ROOT
  • Hall A software tools

    Next is GEn specific documenation.


    II. GEn Offline Analysis

    III. BigBite Drift Chamber/Tracking Documentation and Scripts


    IV. Leadglass Software

    Sergey's presentation at the Feb 14 software meeting.

    V. Neutron Arm Software

    Please see the appropriate wiki pages.
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