Electroproduction of Pion near Threshold
Experiment E04-007 at Jefferson Lab Hall A



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About the Experiment

This experiment is to make a high precision measurement of the reaction P(e,e′P)π0 near threshold in a fine grid of Q2 and ΔW in the range of 0.04 (GeV⁄c)2Q2 ≤ 0.14 (GeV⁄c)2 and 0 (MeV) ≤ ΔW ≤ 20 (MeV), which will be performed in hall A using an HRS spectrometer in coincidence with the BigBite spectrometer. The structure functions σT + εL σL  ,  σTL  , and σTT will be extracted using the dependence of the differential cross sections. The results will provide a stringent test of chiral QCD dynamics, a test which has become more critical by recent measurements showing disagreement with the predictions of Chiral Perturbation Theory. This fine grid of results in Q2 and ΔW will also provide valuable input to the MAID and SAID partial wave analysis codes. To see the proposal, click here.





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