PQE:  High Resolution Study of the 1540 Exotic State and Its Partners

E05-009:  Bogdan Wojtsekhowski (contact) Gordon Cates, Vladimir Nelyubin and   Paul E. Reimer (co-spokespersons) and the  E05-009 collaboration

PQE (JLab E05-009) is searching for the exotic Θ+ pentaquark in the channels 2H(e,nK+K-)X and H(e,e'K+n)X.  This extremely high resolution search will be conducted in Hall A using the HRS and BigBite spectrometers and a high resolution neutron detector.  [Proposal (ps)]

E04-012:  Bogdan Wojtsekhowski (contact)  Paul E. Reimer (co-spokespersons) and the  E04-012 collaboration
PQE (JLab E04-012) is searching for the Σ0 and Θ++ partners to the exotic Θ+ pentaquark in the channels H(e,e'K-)X and H(e,e'K+)X.  Using the Jefferson Lab Hall A spectrometers, the experiment will cover the missing mass range of 1560-1860 MeV for the Σ0 and 1450-1620 MeV for the Θ++. [Proposal (ps) and PAC Presentation (ps)]

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Paul E. Reimer
17 March 2005