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E05-102: Measurement of the Ax and Az Asymmetries in the Quasi-Elastic 3He(e,e'd) Reaction
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  A parasitic measurement of GEn will be made using the Hall A Neutron Detector and Right High Resolution Spectrometer.  
This is the only Jefferson Lab polarized 3He experiment which is seeking to better understand the 3He system, as opposed to using it as an effective neutron target, by measuring double-polarized asymmetries in the 3He(e,e'd) reaction which are believed to be a probe particularly sensitive to the details of the 3He system. Major theoretical advances have been made in the Faddeev calculations of the Bochum/Krakow and Hannover groups, resulting in quite distinct descriptions of these observables. This development has important implications for experiments using 3He as an effective neutron target.
This experiment is scheduled to run in Jefferson Lab's Experiment Hall A from May 11 through June 14, 2009.