Hall A Transversity Experiment

Oct 22, 2008 - Feb 06, 2009

Each shift will be staffed with a Shift Leader (SL),  a Target Operator (TO) and a data playback (3rd) person.

To schedule Hall A polarized Helium 3 target training, please contact: Jian-ping Chen

Before signing up shifts please take notes on the following:
  1. The minimum shift requirement for E06-010 is: 8 (EIGHT).

  2. Shift workers should check their JLab training and badge status, arrange enough time to complete training before the first shift.

  3. Non-US citizen users please follow JLab user office's instruction in order to insure your badge is active upon arrival.

  4. Certified polarized He3 target operators in earlier experiments are strongly encouraged to sign up as target operators. Experienced shift workers should sign up as shift leaders.

  5. Before taking your first shift on E06-010, please arrange a few hours overlap with an earlier shift. Shift instructions and online how-to will be available at the Hall A wiki page (offsite: use adaq account).

Most recent update: 
Aug 8, 2008, 13:45 EST

Run Coordinators: 

Bryan Moffit
Oct.22 - Oct.30
Brad Sawatzky
Oct.30 - Nov.7
Alexandre Camsonne
Nov. 7 - Nov. 17
Eugene Chudakov
Nov. 17 - Nov 28
Yi Qiang
Nov. 28 -Dec. 9
Lei Guo
Dec. 9 -Dec. 19
Vince Sulkosky
Dec. 19 - Dec. 21
Ramesh Subedi
Jan. 13 - Jan. 22
Dustin McNulty
Jan. 23 - Jan. 30
Mark Dalton
Jan. 31st - Feb. 6

Cell phone: (757)  876-1787     Pager:  (757) 584-5411



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