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E06-007 (run2)

Jefferson Lab Experiment E06-007 Homepage

Target Information

  • Details about the targets in the ladder
  • Download: | PS || PDF || MS Word || OpenOffice 2 |

  • Target Diagram
  • Download: | PS || PDF |

  • Bob Michaels's test of target write up
  • We share the same target as PREX so additional information may also be found at their website.

Additional targets in chamber

Carbon99.95%0.0842 +/- 0.0002
BeO99%0.149 +/- 0.001
Ta99.5%0.018 +/- 0.0001

Target Pictures

PREX has some nice target pictures posted here

Design Drawings

All drawings are available here, but links are provided below for convenience. Note, links are in PDF format.