About E08-014

Inclusive scattering at high momentum but low energy transfer cleanly isolates scattering from extremely high momentum nucleons. By comparing heavy targets to two-nucleon and three-nucleon targets, one can isolate and study strongly interacting two-nucleon and three-nucleon clusters in nuclei. In the two-nucleon region, comparisons of 40Ca to 48Ca, with its eight extra neutrons, allows us to measure the expected dominance of strongly interacting neutron-proton pairs. The experiment will also be the first to cleanly isolate the three-nucleon region and check if the dominant contributions are a "star" configuration, or one nucleon recoils against a pair in a linear configuration. Obtaining a better understanding on the amplitudes and properties of these nuclear clusters is crucial as they need to be integrated in any realistic nuclear models. For more details, please check our PROPOSAL.



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