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GEn-II Experiment

Wide-Angle Pion Photoproduction ALL Experiment

(Under Construction!!)

Shift Information

Shift Leader
Target Operator
DAQ and Trigger
How To's

GEn-II Safety Documents

GEn-II Conduction of Operations – COO

Emergency Response Guidelines - ERG

ERG Chart

Equipment Safety Assessment Documets - ESAD

Radiation Safety Analysis Document - RSAD

Safety Procedures (OSP) for GEM detectors

Safety Procedures (OSP) for GEn-RP Polarimeter Detectors

Safety Procedures (OSP) for SBS Monitoring/Positioning

Safety Procedures (OSP) for BigBite GRINCH Cherenkov detector

Safety Procedures (OSP) for BigBite timing hodoscope

Safety Procedures (OSP) for Hadron Calorimeter, HCal-J

Safety Procedures (OSP) for SBS and Corrector Magnet Power Supplies

Safety Procedures (OSP) for BB Hodoscope

Safety Procedures (OSP) for SBS HCAL

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