g2p   /   GEp   Review   May 6, 2011   at JLab   (rm L102/104)

Updated May 18, 2011
The g2p/GEp experiments will run from November 21, 2011 until early May 2012.   This web page provides information about the review of the experiment preparations. This review occured on May 6, 2011 at JLab.   Below is the agenda and documentation about the review including the Final Report   and   Bob's Concerns.

Members of the Review Committee

Materials for the Review

Agenda of the Review

Talks are made available here in the links below.

Friday, May 6,   2011    Rm L102/104   Cebaf Ctr

Duration of talk = time listed at right.   To get real time, assume 10 min for questions
08:30 Charge Bob Michaels 20 min
09:00 g2p Requirements Karl Slifer 30 min
09:40 GEp Requirements Ron Gilman 30 min
10:40 Preparations Overview       Jian-Ping Chen 30 min
11:20 Beamline         Tim Michalski 30 min
12:00 to 13:30     LUNCH
13:30 Polarized NH3 Target   I Chris Keith 20 min
14:00 Polarized NH3 Target   II     Donald Crabb 20 min
14:30 Hall A Infrastructure Al Gavalya 20 min
15:00 Installation Ed Folts 20 min
15:45 Executive Session 45 min
16:30 Closeout Nilanga Liyanage       20 min

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