List of Bob's Concerns

May 18, 2011
To supplement the g2p review report.

* What is the effect of the septum on the target field ?
  Not just the field but any iron.  Hopefully negligible,
  but if the septum is within 1 meter of the target, I'd
  be worried.

* Safety: we need strict engineering controls (admin control
  too, but that's not good enough) to ensure that the magnetic
  field of the target and septum are OFF when we work around
  the target.

* I'm willing to be convinced otherwise, but it seems like a good
  idea for the collaboration to have required trained target operators,
  much like for cryotargets.  The same rules; i.e. cannot run
  without a TO.

* The dump worries me too, but that was mentioned in the report.
  Some contingency planning should be done to be able to react
  if the background or radcon issues are significantly worse
  than expected.  Of course, it's better if the simulations can
  predict what is to be expected.

* We need to keep track of the milestones.  A short update at
  least twice a month at the Hall A Tuesday meetings would be
  appropriate, being forthright about any problems so that,
  if found early enough, we can solve them.