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    User name Peter

    Log entry time 02:29:00 on June 2,2002

    Entry number 85068

    keyword=Problems with medme screens

    Earlier we noticed that the 'General Accelerator Parameters' screen (provided by MCC) on the HIRESXT20 terminal could not be moved and the monticello toolbar was missing. After asking MCC to check their software, we rebooted the HIRESXT20. Unfortunately, it did not reboot properly, and the 'General Accelerator Parameters' screen again appeared but without a border and so could not be adjusted at all.

    After talking to MCC again, we did a hard reboot by turning the machine off and on again, while Mike Epps from MCC was present in the counting house. An error screen appeared explaining that the monticello had not been started; Mike manually started the monticello from file and then everything appeared to run normally again and we had full access to the usual set of screens from MCC.

    For future reference, one can easily restart the monticello from the file menu in the "medme" window- filename 'monticello.adl' - should it not restart automatically after a reboot of the terminal.