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    User name klein

    Log entry time 23:56:26 on June 5,2002

    Entry number 85315

    keyword=shift summary

    16:55 Injector goes into controlled access
    17:50 Kees called: MCC will try to give us 100muAmp, but they are afraid that it might deteriorate again during the night. They will then work on it again tomorrow.
    So if beam gets much lower at night we should not call them and tell them to improve it.

    7:30 Called; they are tuning the beam now at least another hour.
    8:35 the first 6 mu A show up.
    9:20 start taking data again
    22:30 finished Q1D_f10r
    move to Q1D_f10l
    23:00 start new configuration
    23:25 Roc14 crashed
    Restarted Coda
    Back running again.

    Summary: Long wait for beam, but now very stable beam at up to 80 muA