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    User name klein

    Log entry time 08:48:00 on June14,2002

    Entry number 86014

    This entry is a followup to: 86000

    keyword=OTR parameters and general machine status

    I talked to the Accelerator people after the RC meeting about the OTR and learned the following
    The OTR is 14mmx14mm and has 438 pixels in each direction. The pixel spacing is about 70mu which gives you immediately the resolution. There is no conversion or fudge factor involed, the only thing they have control over is the offset in both directions. They also showed me the beam envelope at that position and it is quite
    steep. The question really is what is the distancec
    between the harp and the OTR. That could explain the almost factor of two between the widths.

    They will also look ate the ARC harp, to see what is wrong, since they already are accessing the accelerator.

    At the daily meeting at MCC, they had a time estimate of about two hours for
    RF work, and then they need to address Injector problems. My guess is that we will be down for several hours.