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    User name klein

    Log entry time 16:50:05 on June17,2002

    Entry number 86293

    This entry is a followup to: 86291

    keyword=plans for this night

    Plan for the night of 17-18th:

    16:45 We are currently at f30_r and have gotten 300 events in 171 muA hr.
    The proposal goal is to get 920 evt=3.3% statistics. However we might have to
    stop at 800 events or 7:30.

    At 7:30 page Andi

    Then move to f30_l, and start measurement. once you have analysed the first
    run and know events/muA hr; page Andi again.

    The proposal goal is to have 1040 events, the lower limit is 920 events
    by 4:00 am in the morning. If this is achieved, follow the attached plan from
    Paul, starting with the move at 4:00 am