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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 01:48:50 on June22,2002

    Entry number 86558

    keyword=HARP problems and results

    The previous shift noted that they could not analyze HARP scan data. We confirmed
    that when one presses on the monticello button for "Hall A Scanners..." nothing
    pops up. However, this GUI is working in MCC. So I went there and analyzed the
    run 1798 which was saved by the last shift. Result was 59 x 83 microns (horizontal
    by vertical at last BPM) which is a little on the small side but we think its ok.

    Another problem is that we cannot find precise criteria for what is an acceptable
    intrinsic spot size. The run plan says on page 9 that it should be "roughly 100
    micron", so then what is the minimum and maximum allowed ? Say, not less
    than ~60 and not more than ~150 ? This is what we assume.