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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 05:16:03 on June22,2002

    Entry number 86569

    keyword=magnet oddities

    Fig 1 is the Tools screen for kinematics Q2_i20.
    We note the following odd things
    1. We are supposed to cycle Q2 and Q3, but Q2 was already above 1600 Amps
    so we only cycled Q3 (which was below 1600).
    2. When we entered the momentum into the GUI, the L-arm dipole did not
    change. We waited several (5+) minutes. Finally we decided to adjust by hand.
    The previous shift had the same problem.
    3. It is very strange that in order to make the "momentum" in GUI turn green
    for the dipole, we had to increase the current by 4.82%. But the momentum was
    suppose to increase by only 3.37%. Something seems wrong, but we continue.
    Maybe hysterisis (or saturation) ? We're near max field. Not sure...
    All values appear green in the GUI (which means "ok"). NMR looks ok.

    FIGURE 1