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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 07:59:20 on June22,2002

    Entry number 86578


    keyword=data analysis problems Q2_i20

    Data analysis of Q2_i20 is problematic. The Emiss spectrum peaks at
    ~20 MeV, very different from the cut. Not understood why, but the
    problems with L-arm momentum setting (details in halog) are suspicous.
    ESPACE says: virtually no good events. Maybe wrong fields in header ?
    (Use average of NMR probes, or high probe ? I can't remember.)
    Ok, we naivly put in the fields from Gen. Tools GUI into header, and it put
    Emiss back to zero. Now we appear to get approx 880 good events per 1 M
    raw events, therefore we roughly 3 K good events. If we are correct.

    We decide to leave it at Q2_i20, where we've been for ~2.5 hours, even though
    we've run much more than the estimated required time, because we are unsure
    of the data quality. We explained to Run Coordinator.