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    User name Ulmer

    Log entry time 14:54:44 on June23,2002

    Entry number 86688

    This entry is a followup to: 86686

    keyword=Left VDC tracking efficiency

    Run 1748 (Kin Q2D_j30) was subjected to the same analysis. The top-left panel of the figure shows the tracking efficiency of the Left VDC with only a Cherenkov cut. The top-right shows the efficiency when the tc_cor cut is added (204-214) and the bottom-left shows the efficiency when the tc cut is used instead (220-240). All spectra have the Cherenkov cut. Here, it appears the statistics are good enough to prove that the coincidence time cuts result in a reasonably flat efficiency. I'm happy now and will stop adding Halog entries on this issue.

    FIGURE 1