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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 19:43:47 on June27,2002

    Entry number 86890

    keyword=High voltage controls

    The high voltage crate on the left arm hung up. An attempt to reset the ARCnet ioc,
    iocha22, resulted in that ioc not coming back up from the reset. We went into the
    hall and reset the crate on the left arm. That high voltage crate is now running. We
    took a look at the iocha22. Could not establish a serial connection to it. We left the
    hall, and that problem for tomorrow. I opened three windows on the adaqs2 display.
    they have a serial session to the three high voltage crates on the two spectrometers.
    I coouldn't rename the windows, so we put sticky notes on the display indicating
    which window is for which high voltage crate. Crate settings were also saved,
    redundantly, in the first three memories of each respective high voltage crate.