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    User name Reitz

    Log entry time 02:01:24 on June29,2002

    Entry number 87012

    keyword=2 out of 3 are gone

    Also they have been cooled, two out of three Pb-foils decided to leave us,
    one stayed (see figure below)

    They online analysis showed no problem for runs with currents up to 45 uA.
    After the 45uA we went back to 15uA and we observered no obvious difference
    between the different 15uA runs.
    Increasing the current to 60 uA, we suddenly saw, that the scaler readings did not scale any more,
    however we still saw three foils - but maybe already partly damaged.
    Going back to 15 uA, rates were lower than before, still three foils visible.
    Run 1907 we tried 75uA, rates went further down, middle foil is gone.
    Lowered current to 15uA for run 1908, however in this run only one Pb-foil is

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2